• Single Bottle Sparkler Clips

    Our single bottle sparkler clips are the industry standard in VIP bottle service safety. They attach to all types of bottles, and they will hold one sparkler at a time securely. Best of all, they are completely reusable and they are compatible with all of our product variations.
    • Designed specifically to hold a single bottle sparkler securely.
    • Durable design from thick, rugged, plastic.
    • Completely reusable.
    • The safest way to deliver VIP services to your customers.
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    Double Bottle Sparkler Clips

    Our double bottle sparkler clips are a fun twist on the classic design of our single clips. They will securely hold up to two bottle sparklers at a time, and they are compatible with all types of bottles. Additionally, their durable design is completely reusable and work with both traditional and LED versions of our products.
    • Designed specifically to hold up to 2 bottle sparklers securely.
    • Durable design; made from thick, rugged, plastic.
    • Completely reusable for years of enjoyment.
    • The safest choice when delivering VIP services to your patrons.
  • Triple Bottle Sparkler Clips

    Our triple bottle sparkler clips provide the most versatility out of any of our clips. They will securely hold 1, 2, or 3 bottle service sparklers at a time, and they are compatible with all types of bottles. Additionally, they are engineered to work with all types and brands on the market, and they are reusable to reduce costs and eliminate waste.
    • Designed to securely hold up to 3 bottle sparklers at a time.
    • Sturdy construction; made from thick, rugged, plastic.
    • Reusable design so they can be used over and over again.
    • The only truly safe way to transport your VIP services to customers.
  • Bottle Sparkler Torches

    Our bottle sparkler torches are the fastest, safest, and easiest way to light our products. Instantly light your bottle service sparklers and deliver VIP packages to tables quickly. These refillable butane torch lighters will ensure a smooth experience every single time.
    • Creates a concentrated flame at nearly 1500° for instant ignition.
    • Refillable with butane and reusable hundreds of times.
    • The fastest, safest, and most convenient way to light your bottle sparklers.
    *These torches must be filled with butane before use. Butane is NOT included. You must you must purchase it separately. Torch color varies and is random.
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    LED Foam Sticks

    Our LED foam sticks can enhance your dance floor and keep your customers thirsty! With 3 different lighting modes, these are an instant hit at any bar or nightclub. They’re also great for concerts, sporting events, or any other type of celebration.


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