• Image of Bottle Service Presented with LED Sparklers LED Bottle Sparklers image

    LED Bottle Sparklers – Premium Quality

    Our premium LED bottle sparklers are made with quality in mind for discerning bar and nightclub owners who don’t want to settle for “second best” and feature the brightest LEDs available for a great customer experience.
  • Color LED Bottle Sparklers – Value Line

    Our “value line” color LED bottle sparklers are our most budget-friendly option for bar and nightclub owners. Featuring 4 colorful lighting modes, they are a great alternative to regular bottle sparklers.
  • Image of LED Foam Sticks at a Concert LED Foam Sticks image

    LED Foam Sticks

    Our LED foam sticks can enhance your dance floor and keep your customers thirsty! With 3 different lighting modes, these are an instant hit at any bar or nightclub. They’re also great for concerts, sporting events, or any other type of celebration.


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