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Our bottle sparkler torches are the fastest, safest, and easiest way to light our products. Instantly light your bottle service sparklers and deliver VIP packages to tables quickly. These refillable butane torch lighters will ensure a smooth experience every single time.

  • Creates a concentrated flame at nearly 1500° for instant ignition.
  • Refillable with butane and reusable hundreds of times.
  • The fastest, safest, and most convenient way to light your bottle sparklers.

*These torches must be filled with butane before use. Butane is NOT included. You must you must purchase it separately. Torch color varies and is random.

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Our bottle sparkler torches will speed up your VIP service offerings and increase your nightclub’s safety. Additionally, they are refillable so you end up saving money compared to other types of lighters. Though there are several different ways to light bottle sparklers, these are the fastest, safest, and most reliable option available.

To refill them, simply use any can of butane designed to work with lighters. There is a small port on the bottom that allows you to add more at any time. Additionally, they have a cap attached to a chain so you can keep the jets clear of lint or other debris. This ensures a long usable life without cutting into your profits.

Benefits of Bottle Sparkler Torches

There are many reasons that having a sparkler torch behind your bar is a great choice. Here is a breakdown of the biggest advantages these give over other items like BIC lighters or matches.

Refillable with Readily-Available and Inexpensive Butane

Saving money is crucial for your bottom line, and our bottle sparkler torches will pay for themselves over and over again! The battery will provide spark for hundreds of ignition cycles, so you just need to add butane to keep them going. Fortunately, butane is the most readily-available lighter fuel. In fact, you can usually pick some up at any convenience store for a few bucks. This makes using sparklers for bottle service as inexpensive as possible.

Concentrated Flame Lights Immediately

To properly light your bottle sparklers quickly, you need a very hot and very concentrated flame. These torch lighters are specifically designed to achieve both things instantly! No more holding the flame to the tips of each sparkler for several seconds. With these, you instantly have nearly 1500 degrees of precision flame to light them quickly. Overall, you can shave up to 30 seconds off bottle service delivery times!

Angled Head Allows for Easiest Access

Another pitfall that regular lighters run into is their shape and design. With normal handheld options, you have to either tip the sparkler or the lighter sideways to make contact. However, with our bottle sparkler torch lighters, you can make contact from any angle. The jet head is angled so you never have to struggle to light your items.

Safest Choice in a Busy Bar or Nightclub

Whenever you’re using fire around large groups of people, safety is important. Obviously, you need to follow all the normal bottle sparkler safety procedures. However, your choice of ignition source has safety implications, too. Our sparkler torch lights immediately, but it also shuts off immediately upon release of the button. Additionally, the angled head cools quickly so you won’t have something hot lying around afterwards. With these great features, we are proud to offer the safest solution for your bar or nightclub.

Can Be Used for Flaming Cocktails and More

Lastly, there are plenty of uses for a high quality torch lighter at a bar or nightclub. First off, many venues offer specialty cocktails or flaming shots that require a lighter to ignite them. Additionally, charring hardwoods like cherry or hickory to “season” the glass with smoke is a common practice. In either situation, a high quality flame is needed to get the job done. With our bottle sparkler torches, you can tackle any job with a single device.

How Many Should I Have On Hand?

One of the most common questions we get about our torch lighters is how many you should have behind the bar. I also suggest the five-pack because it’s the most cost-effective decision. However, if you have no need for a lighter beyond the sparklers, you probably only need one or two; unless you are a very busy establishment. Conversely, most clubs are better served by choosing the five-pack so there are plenty lying around. In the end, only you can make the determination of how useful they will be for your staff.

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Package Size

Single (1 Torch Lighter), 5 Pack (5 Torch Lighters)

9 reviews for Bottle Sparkler Torches

  1. Rocco

    Best lighter I’ve used for bottle sparklers yet. I’ve tried bics, zippos, and a wide variety of options from my local tobacco store. These are the best.

  2. Paul

    Extremely hot torch and it lights them instantly.

  3. Terrance Wilkins

    These are the only lighters that I supply for my bartenders. Not only do they work great for bottle service, they do every task requiring fire perfectly. Mine came filled already with butane too.

  4. Tom

    these are the only lighters i allow behind my bar.

  5. Paul R.

    Just had to buy my second lighter in 2 years. These things keep on ticking!

  6. Wally

    Came with butane, worked better than advertised. I’m sold forever.

  7. Chris Rollins

    Comfortable grip and a very hot torch. Works perfect.

  8. Tommy

    Very durable design and lights the sparklers quickly.

  9. Jeremy Hartmann

    I was skeptical since I had already bought a torch from my local tobacco store, but this thing is the real deal. The very precise and extremely hot flame lights the sparkler without any delay whatsoever. It stays cool to the touch, and stands up on the bar top easily by itself. As a big skeptic, I am convinced these are the best lighters for bottle sparklers on the market.

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