If your bar or nightclub has a lot of customers who buy bottle service, then chances are you will want to buy in bulk to get the best possible price. You can save a ton of money if you buy your bottle sparklers by the case rather than buying individual packages. So crunching the numbers and buying as many sparklers as you can within reason is always the best choice. However, you need to make sure you are storing bottle sparklers properly so they don’t become damaged or accidentally ignite. Here are some tips to help you keep them stored safely and wisely to keep your investment intact.

Storing Bottle Sparklers in a Dry Space

Likely, you’ll be using these as a garnish for your VIP bottle service. So, the most likely place to keep your supplies is behind the bar. This can be incredibly convenient for your bartenders and servers because they will be very close by when someone orders bottle service. However, there are a lot of liquids flowing behind a bar. Unfortunately, you can easily get your supply wet by accident and ruin the whole box.

There’s a way combat this problem while still reaping the benefits of keeping them where they’re needed the most. Only stock enough supply behind the bar as necessary to complete a shift. Consider storing bottle sparklers in a dry storage area so if there is an accident you won’t need to throw out your entire supply. You may also want to invest in some cheap dry storage containers for the sparklers you have in normal use.

Storing Bottle Sparklers Away From Flame

Some people operate a bar or nightclub that allows smoking. You may be concerned about something accidentally igniting the rest of your supply. Keeping them away from potential fire hazards and open flame is essential to the safety of your customers. Storing bottle sparklers in an area where they can be subject to catching fire is never an option. Also, always keep the container that you store them in closed when you’re not reaching in to grab some. Furthermore, storing them near heat sources such as a furnace or in the kitchen a bad idea. This is just asking for problems.

LED Bottle Sparkler Storage

Many clubs choose to use LED bottle sparklers instead of traditional ones. They can last a lot longer, and they are reusable over and over again. However, they still need to be stored properly. The most important thing is to remove the batteries if they are going to be stored for more than a month. Decaying batteries are the easiest way to destroy LED bottle sparklers. Additionally, it presents a potentially harmful scenario for you, your customers, and your patrons.

Other Considerations When Storing Bottle Sparklers

There are a lot of other considerations to take into account when determining how many bottle sparklers to order. It also determines where they will be stored. Obviously, you need to have enough storage space on hand to accommodate the quantity you order to make buying wholesale bottle sparklers worth the cost savings, but you also don’t want to have too many on hand for long periods of time.

As a rule, we suggest only keeping a maximum of a six month supply of bottle sparklers on hand at any given time. This keep your costs reasonable and limits the amount of storage space that you’re taking up. Also, it keeps your liabilities reasonable in case of an issue. For instance, your sparklers might get wet and you’d need to throw them all out. By keeping a reasonable supply on hand, you can get the best price while mitigating the risk of throwing money down the drain.