One of the worst things that you’ll ever need to deal with when you’re a small business owner is the departure of one or more of your most important and qualified staff members. Likely, you’ve spent years finding and training the perfect employees for their position. So, watching them walk out the door to work somewhere else and having someone else come in to be trained can be very stressful and time consuming. in general, retaining your qualified bar staff needs to be a a major priority. Sadly, the problem gets much worse when it’s your star bartender or server hits the road! So, trying to increase employee retention is vital to running a successful bar and nightclub.

Though there are certain circumstances that are completely out of the control of both you and your employees, there are many reasons that bar owners lose employees that can be avoided. Here is a short list of reasons why employees quit so you can take the proper steps to rectify any workplace related issues that could lead to your being short-staffed.

Lack of Good Management

Management is the most important aspect of retaining your good employees. If your manager is not good at their job or can’t relate well with some or all of your employees, it may be time for a change. A good manager will communicate with your staff, keep updated with their needs and feelings, and keep your business running smoothly. Imagine not having your bar ready for hunting season on a game trail. Without the right people, this could be your sad reality.

Staying Professional

Image of Why retaining Your Qualified Bar Staff is ImportantThough many of your staff members and managers will form personal relationships that exceed the confines of your bar or nightclub, keeping a professional work environment is essential. When any employee feels that their personal space has been violated, they will seek employment somewhere else.

Poor Choice of Employees

Knowing who to hire is just as important as how you treat an employee once they’re on the staff, so make sure your manager knows how to interview people and check their references. Nothing leads to a vacancy in your staff faster than an employee who can’t do their job properly from the start.

Lack of Systems

Frustrated employees will always look for a less stressful work environment. So, having a lack of systems in place is a fast way to accomplish this feat. Make sure your employees know what is expected of them and that their workday is somewhat predictable. That way, you can keep your retention numbers as high as possible. If you don’t appreciate your crew, they will leave.

Lack of Positive Reinforcement

If an employee doesn’t feel appreciated in their job, they will look at other bars and nightclubs where they will be. You don’t need to give theme five figure raises; just an occasional “good job” to your bartenders and servers can be enough positive reinforcement to make the difference. Or, perhaps remember to hand out holiday bonuses. Overall, it can be the difference between a happy employee and one who is ready to walk out the door on a busy Saturday night.

Predictable Scheduling

Most people want a predictable schedule from their job. So, jumping all over the place will lead to your best employees going elsewhere. Obviously, people will request days off and holidays will need extra staffing. However, keeping your employees’ schedules somewhat fixed when at all possible will keep them happy. Moreover, it will keep them fresh for each of their shifts. This is one of the fastest ways to having a great team onboard. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the needs of your people. For instance, having Father’s Day off will be important to some, but not to others. By Having your finger on your staff’s pulse, you can make everybody happier.

Lack of Training

Training is one of the most vital parts of having a good bar team; especially when it comes to retaining your qualified bar staff. imagine having someone order bottle service and you don’t know where the bottle sparklers are. Or, perhaps you don’t know how many to attach before sending it to the table. Without having a great crew in place that knows what they’re doing, you are dooming yourself to a horrible fate. Put the right people in place and train your employees properly. I promise, it will be well worth your monetary and time investment.

Lack of Opportunity

Most employees are interested in upward mobility that comes along with better hours and better pay. You should always promote from within instead of bringing outside staff into higher positions for your bar. Otherwise, your staff that has been working hard for years will find a place where they’re appreciated a little better.

Sadly, there is no “magic bullet” for solving every scenario with your employees. However, having an idea of how to create a fun, productive, and stress-free work environment can go a long way. First, you need to run your bar or nightclub properly and have the right systems in place. Then, retaining your qualified bar staff and employees will be less challenging than you might think. Good luck and I wish you the best!