Whether you are new to bottle service or you’ve been doing it for years, the idea of reusable bottle sparklers has probably crossed your mind. Every time you light one up for your VIPs, it costs you a little bit of your profit margin. Sure, it’s a drop in the bucket overall; but pennies add up into dollars over time. But how in the world can you reuse something after it is all burnt up? Is there any magical way that is possible?

Well, unfortunately you can’t spontaneously regenerate pyrotechnic compounds and gunpowder. However, technology has brought us many new opportunities including items that can change the way VIP services are presented forever. Here are a few products that are as close to reusable bottle sparklers as possible.

LED Reusable Bottle Sparklers

LED lighting has come a long way since the 1980’s. They have always been far more energy efficient since they generate a fraction of the heat that other light sources do. That means you can run a pretty cool device on a very small amount of battery life. However, their best aspect is the wide range of colors they can create and their various lighting patterns. There are two main types of LED sparklers available, and I’ve outlined each one below.

Traditional LED Bottle Sparklers

These are the most reliable and most popular version on the market. They consist of several high quality LEDs that are much brighter than other varieties out there. Additionally, they feature multiple lighting modes. Best of all, they include a long-lasting battery to make them the ideal reusable bottle sparklers for VIP service packages. If quality and customer satisfaction are your primary goals, this is the choice you want to make.

Color LED Bottle Sparklers

Color LED Bottle Sparklers imageIf you want the least expensive option possible, then color LED bottle sparklers are the right choice for you. They are part of our “value line” of products which are designed for budget-minded people. Electronically, they function exactly like the premium versions outlined above. Additionally, they perform in multiple different colors unlike the premium brand. However, the plastic is much thinner, the LEDs are dimmer, and the batteries are not as long lasting. Overall, you get what you pay for; but it is still a viable option when you’re seeking reusable bottle sparklers.

Benefits of Reusable Sparklers

There are some key benefits to choosing reusable bottle sparklers instead of traditional ones. Some of them are obvious, but there are a few that may surprise you. Here’s a quick breakdown so you can see exactly what you’ll be receiving.

Much Lower Overall Cost

Though there is a bit more cost upfront, in the long run they can save you a lot of money. Each traditional item costs around $1 each, and LED versions are around $8 each. So, if you use them 8 times, they’ve already paid for themselves. Additionally, each subsequent use will essentially be cost-free. That can pad your margins in a big hurry!

Safe Indoors and Law-Compliant

Safety is always our customers’ biggest concern, and LEDs are as safe as you can get. No lighters, no smoke, and no open flames are needed for their presentation. Additionally, some places like New York City have strict laws about using pyrotechnics indoors. Since they are only lights, you won’t need to worry about an unexpected visit from your local Fire Marshal.

More Versatile than Standard Versions

Additionally, creating your effects with bulbs is an opportunity for variety. Instead of the same performance time and again, you have multiple options. Each version features at least 3 lighting modes so you can customize the presentation.

Less Storage Space

Of course, many venues are short on storage space. Sadly, traditional gold bottle service sparklers take up a lot of space because you need a huge box of them. However, since they can be used over and over, you only need 5-10 of the LED versions on your shelf. Generally, you can reduce the storage footprint by over 80% by making the switch!

Environmentally Friendly

Image of Sparklers Being Thrown in the GarbageLastly, some bars and nightclubs want to emphasize their commitment to a green planet. From an environmental standpoint, reusable bottle sparklers create far less impact versus combustible options. First, there won’t be any smoke or fumes released into the atmosphere. Second, there is far less strip-mining required and less waste ending up in landfills. If the environment is a big concern to you, these are the most eco-friendly sparklers you can choose.

Where Can I Buy Reusable Bottle Sparklers?

Unfortunately, most business owners looking for LED sparklers find them harder to source than other versions. If you look for them locally, you probably won’t have much luck unless you’re in a major city. However, there are many places to buy bottle sparklers online that have them in stock everyday! Just make sure you purchase a quality brand from a reputable supplier. Sadly, some retailers put low quality LEDs and batteries in their reusable sparklers. Just be sure to do your research and you’ll be able to obtain them without any issues.

Should I Just Stick with Disposable Versions?

With so many factors at play, many club owners opt to stick with what they know. Time is many entrepreneurs’ biggest asset, so avoiding the hassle of switching may seem easier than putting in the effort. However, you will end up saving a lot of time and money in the long term; so it will be time well-invested. Additionally, it will ensure that your venue is future-proof in the event of changing laws or customer demands.

Overall, switching to reusable bottle sparklers is the best choice if you plan to be around for awhile. However, if you don’t sell many VIP bottle service packages it may be an unnecessary investment. Just take into consideration how many times they will be used and the decision should be as clear as day. Thank you, and good luck on improving your venue!