The key component to any safe bottle service program is sparkler safety clips. Though they are the least expensive part, they make the biggest impact on the process. Because of their durable design, reusing sparkler safety clips is not much of a challenge at all. However, if you offer a lot of VIP packages, they will eventually wear out over time. Here are some considerations for each type of clip, as well as tips to keeping the plastic in good condition. If you treat your safety clips nicely, you can reuse them for many years to come. Here’s how to be a good steward.

Tips for Reusing Sparkler Safety Clips of Each Variety

Each size and type of safety clip has special considerations based on their design. To get the maximum lifespan out of each type, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Single Clips

Single Bottle Sparkler Clips imageMost venues that offer VIP services only attach one sparkler at a time. So, the most popular version out there is our single bottle sparkler safety clips. Made from durable ABS plastic, you will have no trouble getting many uses out of them before they get tossed in the recycling bin. However, since they only have one provision for bottle sparklers, they tend to get worn out faster. If you plan on using your clips for many years, the single version may not be the most durable option.

Double Clips

If you prefer the flexibility of attaching up to two sparklers at a time, then our double bottle sparkler safety clips are a step up from the single version. They are made from the same durable ABS plastic, but they offer two provisions instead of just one. If you only attach one at a time, you can alternate between the two sides to double the longevity of the item. In fact, you can still attach one at a time if one of the provisions breaks off! However, if you prefer attaching two at a time, they will last about the same amount of time as the single version.

Triple Clips

If you want to most versatile and awe-inspiring version, out triple bottle sparklers safety clips are the clear winner. Their unique design allows one, two, or three items to be attached at once while still offering the same durable plastic construction. If you only use one sparkler for each VIP package, these will last up to three times as long as a single clip! However, if you use all three slots, they will still wear out just as fast as the other two options.

Things to Avoid When Reusing Sparkler Safety Clips

Once you’ve selected a size, there are a few things that you need to avoid if you want them to last longer. Reusing sparkler safety clips only works if you take good care of them and don’t do anything to inadvertently damage them. Here are some key tips to ensure you get a long usable life out of your investment.

Don’t Force the Sparklers

One of the best parts of our clips is that they are designed to work universally with all the major brands that we carry. However, there are some “generic” brands out there that aren’t normal sized; whether they’re too fat or too skinny. If you have a very thick version, make sure you don’t force your bottle sparklers into the clips. If you force them, it’s the fastest way to shatter the ABS plastic and render the device useless.

Avoid Heating Them Up

Image of Bottle Sparkler TorchesABS plastic is one of the most flexibly and durable options on the market. However, one of its weaknesses is that it doesn’t respond well to extreme heat. Fortunately, the heat that the bottle sparklers generate won’t damage them whatsoever. Sadly, the temperatures that bottle sparkler torch lighters produce is another story all together. You need to avoid hitting the clips with the flame directly or you may melt or weaken its structure. It’s not a big deal once in awhile, but repeated carelessness will eventually make the plastic brittle and crack.

Store Them Away from Sunlight

Lastly, all plastics are sensitive to UV light and it will eventually cause it to dry out and become brittle. Fortunately, these are made with one of the most UV-resistant plastics on the market to avoid any such issues. However, years of baking in the sun will damage even these high quality devices. So, it’s important that you store them in a place that is not in direct sunlight. Additionally, keeping them away from heat sources will keep them from becoming brittle over time as well.

How Long Will They Realistically Last?

When you’re deciding which type of sparkler clips to purchase, knowing how long you should expect them to last plays a big role. Overall, you should get at least 240 uses out of each clip. Coincidentally, that is the exact number of bottle sparklers that come in a full case. If you follow all of the guidelines I described, you can usually get twice the number of uses without issue. However, make sure you always have a backup on hand just in case you run into trouble. Good luck and I hope you get many years of reusing sparkler safety clips before it’s time to reorder!