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Our single bottle sparkler clips are the industry standard in VIP bottle service safety. They attach to all types of bottles, and they will hold one sparkler at a time securely. Best of all, they are completely reusable and they are compatible with all of our product variations.

  • Designed specifically to hold a single bottle sparkler securely.
  • Durable design from thick, rugged, plastic.
  • Completely reusable.
  • The safest way to deliver VIP services to your customers.
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As a bar or nightclub owner, safety needs to be your primary concern. If you plan to use sparklers as part of your bottle service program, you need a safe and reliable way to attach them to your wine and spirits. Our single bottle sparkler clips are the industry-standard way to attach one sparkler at a time conveniently and securely.

Made from high quality plastic, these clips feature a rugged design that is built to last. Additionally, they are completely reusable so you can use them over and over again without having to throw them in the trash. Furthermore, you won’t need to have an endless supply on hand cluttering up your storage space. They are a classic and affordable way to display your bottle service packages in the safest way possible.

Benefits of Our Single Bottle Sparkler Clips

Safety clips are the ultimate solution for properly attaching sparklers to a bottle. It is hard to understate how much safer these clips are than the make-shift alternatives commonly used. However, here is a list of the key features and benefits of using them at your establishment beyond the safety factor.

  • Never fumble around with unsafe alternatives like tape or rubber bands ever again.
  • Not only are these functional, they are also very attractive in nightclub lighting.
  • The rugged and durable plastic allows them to be used over and over again.
  • Universal design allows you to attach them to champagne, wine, or spirit bottles of all designs.
  • The best overall value when improving the presentation of bottle service packages.
  • Compatible with both our regular versions and our LED sparklers.

Why Should You Choose Our Single Bottle Sparkler Clips?

Choosing the right clips for your club is an important decision. Though there are other versions and sizes of clips available, single clips offer some clear advantages. First off, it is the tried and true classic that set the standard for VIP services. Second, they are the least expensive option and offer the meat and potato options that get the job done. If you want to maximize your profits, these are lowest cost solution to your safety concerns.

Additionally, we back all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As a whole, our company is proud to offer the best selection, lowest prices, and highest quality products in the industry. No other company can offer the quality and customer service that we are known for at our low prices. Our reliability and years of service have made us the #1 bottle sparkler company in the USA.

Avoid Unsafe Alternatives

Before we introduced our single bottle sparkler clips, bartenders were forced to improvise solutions for attaching them to a bottle. Unfortunately, most of these ideas were unreliable at best; and downright unsafe in some cases! Even worse, some club owners are still using these methods. Here is a breakdown of a few of the most common mistakes that people make.

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands seem like they do a good job at first. In fact, you will likely have success many times before a problem arises. However, if you don’t set things up perfectly, the rubber band can snap in an instant and send your bottle sparklers flying through the air. This is an unacceptable risk when considering the safety of your customers.

Adhesive Tapes

There is a wide variety of different adhesive tape options out there. However, Scotch tape and duct tape are by far the most commonly used. Besides having similar risks to rubber bands, they also leave a nasty residue on the neck and lip of the bottles. This makes them a problematic option for obvious reasons.

Mechanic’s Wire or Hose Clamps

Mechanic’s wire is a very thin and flexible wire used to wrap mechanical components temporarily. Unfortunately, they leave very sharp spikes of wire that are difficult to manage. Similarly, some bartenders attempt to use hose clamps in place of our single bottle sparkler clips. Again, the remaining edge of the worm clamp will protrude and pose an injury risk to your patrons.

Glues and Other Adhesives

Believe it or not, some people try to use hot glue guns or super glue to attach their sparklers. There is simply not enough surface area to properly secure them with an adhesive for safe operation. Furthermore, glues and adhesives typically take quite awhile to properly setup; which makes them the least convenient choice. Between the hassle and the overall lack of safety, this should never be attempted.

How Many Should I Buy for My Club?

Since our single bottle sparkler clips are completely reusable, you don’t need to use a new one every time you sell a bottle service package. However, they can go missing or get thrown away by mistake, so it’s important o have enough of them on hand. Generally, we suggest at least one clip for every 10-20 bottle service sparklers that you order. After your initial order, you should be able to determine how many you’ll need in the future.

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Package Size

Single (1 Clip), Full Box (25 Clips), 1/2 Case (50 Clips), Full Case (100 Clips)

11 reviews for Single Bottle Sparkler Clips

  1. Andre

    If you buy bottle sparklers, you need at least a few of these to be safe. I bought 25 and that seems like a good number since they’re reusable.

  2. Todd

    Package arrived ahead of schedule.

  3. Michelle

    These are much safer than the rubber bands I’ve been using. I kinda feel silly I didn’t order them before.

  4. Charlie R.

    These fit LED sparklers perfectly. Nice clean design.

  5. Tony from LA

    Much more heavy duty than I expected. I’m impressed at the quality.

  6. Samantha Rose

    Does what they are supposed to do. Good.

  7. Miami Dave – King of Miami Beach

    Professional design, very sturdy, and work great. Miami Dave is very pleased.

  8. Klaudia

    Best prices and always arrive quickly. Good reliable company.

  9. Donny W.

    Work perfect for attaching bottle sparklers.

  10. Charlie G.

    I’m a basic guy. These are basic clips. Perfect.

  11. Lucas L.

    Basic design but works perfect. I tried a different brand and it was brittle and broke easily. These are a much better design.

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