With spring rapidly approaching, you may be reminded that it is a good time to clean out all the junk that you’ve been collecting over the last few months. Affectionately known as “spring cleaning”, there are many people in bar and nightclub industry who only do a serious deep cleaning after winter is gone and the birds start chirping. However, spring isn’t the only time to clean out your old, stale, and useless items from your club; especially if you want to make the experience as lovely as possible for your guests and patrons! During spring cleaning for bars a perfect time to open up the doors and windows while you roll up your sleeves. However, putting this type of cleaning off for too long can lead to bad smells and unhealthy conditions.

Nevertheless, embracing the literal meaning of spring cleaning is also a great idea. However, it means more than just washing the floors and walls with industrial cleaners and touching up a few areas with a couple dabs of fresh paint. This is the perfect time to do a full overhaul on your building and business! This includes updating your menu, revising operational practices, managing your bar inventory, conducting staff assessments, and reviewing finances. Your business relies on more than just a clean environment to be successful, after all. So cleaning up the rest of the business is a great way to give yourself the edge before heading into the spring and summer seasons.

Maintenance is a Priority During Spring Cleaning for Bars

Image of an Owner Performing Bar and Nightclub Maintenance in SpringFirst off, you should do a full assessment of physical maintenance that needs to be done. This includes everything such as plumbing problems, chipping paint, and burnt out light bulbs. However, anything else you can find that needs to be addressed should be handled, too. All the general maintenance issues should be completed before you do your deep cleaning. Unfortunately, maintenance will often contribute to the initial mess that a deep cleaning will mitigate.

Clean Out Useless Junk

Next, you will want to go through all of your inventory and supplies for your bar or nightclub. Your goal is to get rid of anything that is useless or worthless. Perhaps you decided to buy new chairs for your VIP bottle service booths. In that event, you need to get rid of the pile of old ones sitting out back. They are likely taking up valuable space that could be used for more profitable items. Also, organize your entire collection of bar supplies and equipment in the back room and take a very thorough inventory. Perhaps you have too many bottle sparklers on hand. Intelligently, you could consider shopping for your bottle sparklers locally so you don’t take up valuable space. Spring cleaning makes for a great opportunity to do a physical audit! Best of all, it will prepare you for easier reordering and tracking in the future.

Spring Cleaning for Bars Means a Really Deep Cleaning

Now it’s time for the dirty part; a solid deep cleaning. Consider paying a professional company to come in with their industrial grade chemicals and steam cleaners. If you can afford it, that is usually the best idea. Typically, the cost of paying your own bartenders and servers to come in for deep cleaning would offset the cost of hiring professionals anyway. However, this choice is entirely up to you. Make sure every inch of the floor is scrubbed and wipe down all the walls. Don’t forget to empty and disinfect and the bar appliances, and essentially leave no areas uncleaned. When the deep cleaning is finished, the bar should look better than it did on the first day the club was opened.

Your Operations Need a Spring Cleaning, Too

Once your bar or nightclub is in great condition maintenance wise, you’ve given it a thorough cleaning, and you have all of your supplies well-organized, you can focus on business operations. Take this opportunity to do a “refresher” course on training your staff to make sure they know their stuff. Sit down with your accountant to go over the books. Then, sit down with your liquor vendors to work out a fresh set of promotions to replace your worst performers. Getting back to the basics is vital; and sometimes it is very easy to overlook and take for granted.

Overall, you should use spring cleaning as an excuse to do a complete overhaul on your bar or nightclub. Ideally, it will help you stay at the top of your game year after year and you can continue to see profits pour in. By doing something as simple as grabbing a broom, you can make a huge impact in the long run.