If you want to be successful, embracing the latest summer trends for bars and nightclubs is a must. Summer is historically not the best time of year for sales at a bar or nightclub. Mainly, it’s because there is too much to do outdoors. Many people would rather sit around a fire in their backyard with inexpensive beer that they purchased at a liquor store. Meanwhile, they get to enjoy the beautiful weather instead of belly up to an indoor bar for expensive cocktails.

Additionally, many people travel during the summer months; which means that on any given weekend the pool of available patrons is much smaller than other times of the year. However, this is where careful marketing and the proper choice of activities comes in. You can still pack your bar with plenty of customers that are ready to pay for a great experience. But, you need to properly prepare the venue for the season. Here are some summer trends for bars and nightclubs that will help you keep your venue in the red until the much more lucrative fall and winter months arrive.

Summer Music Shows

There are a ton of fun things that people can do at home on a budget. So, you need to really come up with enticing forms of entertainment that can’t be duplicated outside of a bar or nightclub. For dance and nightclubs that are staying with the latest trends, make sure you’re bringing in the best DJs and EDM (electronic dance music) performers possible. For neighborhood bars, try to bring in the best known cover bands in your area. That should draw in as much of the available crowd as possible.

Fun Summer Cocktails

image of Fun Summer Cocktails at a BarYou should constantly be evolving your selection of delicious cocktails at any bar or nightclub, and this is particularly true right now with such a strong emphasis on mixology. For a summertime treat that your guests will love, you should create some delicious cocktails that are refreshing after a hot day of work in the backyard. Consider basing them around fruit drinks like lemonade or pomegranate. You can also put these types of drinks on special to revive sales for cocktails. A few example are long island iced teas or Lynchburg lemonades.

Utilize Outdoor Spaces

To make your venue more enticing, consider making use of whatever outdoor spaces you have available such as a patio. If your permit allows, you should setup a temporary service station outside so your customers can buy drinks right there. Additionally, people passing by can see that there’s a lot of outdoor activity at your bar. This isn’t one of the newest marketing trends around, but it’s highly effective.

Themed Events are One of the Biggest Summer Trends for Bars and Nightclubs

Themed events are another great way to bring in more business during the summer. Additionally, they are one of the hottest trends currently! Consider having a “beach party” event, a weekend dedicated to Caribbean cocktails and cuisine, or anything else people associate with a tropical adventure. Most people don’t get to experience these things on a daily basis! So, it can be a great way to offer your customers a mini-vacation right in their own town or city.

Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Whenever there are less people to attract to your bar or nightclub, the first thing you should do is make sure everyone knows what you’re offering. However you happen to advertise, you should consider ramping up those marketing efforts for your bar or nightclub to bring as many people into the venue as possible.

By offering great events and activities at your venue, you can keep your business profitable during the down summer months. Just make sure to cater to customers using the best summer trends for bars and nightclubs. If you do, people will be lining up around the block for a really great time.