Whether you are purchasing for the first time or restocking your club, knowing everything you can about bottle sparklers is vital to making the right decision. There are several different options available, and several different factors that need to be considered. Additionally, knowing how many to order can be a delicate balancing act between savings and overhead costs. Fortunately, I’ve put together this ultimate bottle sparkler buyer’s guide to make the process easier.

In this guide, I will explain all of the different types of bottle sparklers that are available. Additionally, I’ll educate you so you can place the proper sized order for your bar or nightclub. Lastly, I will discuss new ways that they can be used, where to shop for them, and how to store them properly so they last for years. Without further ado, here is what you need to know.

Guide to the Different Types of Bottle Sparklers

The most important thing to know before you start shopping is what you are actually looking for. There are several different types of bottle sparklers available, and each version is best-suited for certain scenarios. Here is a breakdown of the different types, as well as their best uses.

Traditional Versions

It’s hard to beat the original version of anything; it’s typically the best for a reasons! When it comes to gold bottle service sparklers, the exact same thing is true. These are the go-to item for highlighting bottle service in the nightclub industry. However, there are two different sizes available; and here is what they each have to offer.

5 Inch Version

Image of a 5 Inch Bottle Sparkler Attached and PerformingThe 5 inch version is the most cost-effective option available. Lasting between 30 and 45 seconds, they get the job done without costing a fortune. However, they don’t create quite as large of sparks as the 7 inch version. However, when you balance cost, performance duration, and overall impact, they are still the best choice.

7 Inch Version

Even though they are 2 inches longer than the 5 inch version, the added length only yields about 15-20 seconds of additional performance time. At a price that is nearly double, they are simply prohibitively expensive. However, they do produce a much larger and more impressive performance. Overall, these should only be purchased if you simply must have the highest quality bottle sparklers possible.

Color Version

For a short period of time, it was possible to buy bottle sparklers that performed in various colors. In fact, our website was the nation’s leading supplier of these color versions! However, the color pigments caused issues and they were subsequently banned from entering the country through US customs. Subsequently, they are currently not available for sale in the United States.

However, if they ever make another appearance, they are a very fun twist! They feature very rich and vivid colors that are much more eye-popping than their gold counterparts. If you want the best performance possible, these are definitely the best choice if they’re available.

LED Bottle Sparklers

Sometimes, using real bottle sparklers is banned in a certain state or city. Additionally, some fire inspectors are much stricter than others; so you may run into problems with open flames from the fire department, too. Fortunately, the solution is LED bottle sparklers which can be used anywhere! Instead of sparks, they create an amazing light show using a series of LEDs. Additionally, they feature multiple lighting modes; so you can choose the effect that you like the best. Furthermore, they are completely reusable so they end up being the cheapest option over time. No matter how you look at it, LED bottle sparklers are the future of the industry.

How to Use Bottle Sparklers at Your Venue

The majority of our customers are bar and nightclub owners looking to enhance their bottle service offerings. However, there are other ways to use them at your venue for a variety of purposes. Here is a quick breakdown of how to use bottle sparklers at your business to bring in more profits. Narrowing down how you plan to use them will help you pick the right ones, so no bottle sparkler buyer’s guide would be complete without it. Additionally, it will help you when it comes time to determine how many to purchase, too.

Bottle Service

Image of Bottle Service Presented with LED SparklersAs mentioned, bottle service is the number one way that our products are used. Simply attach them using a plastic safety clip and deliver the bottle. It’s the cheapest and most effective way to make your VIP services more attractive to potential customers.

Decorate a Cake, Dessert, or Special Drink

Most people aren’t aware, but the same sparklers that you can attach to bottles can also be inserted into cakes or other items. They are designed with a small red spike that will keep them firmly in place during their performance. Additionally, you can use them for individual cocktails or other desserts at your restaurant. No matter what you are looking to showcase, they are a great option.

Use Them as Crowd Favors

Technically, you can hand these out so people can hold them in the air on the dance floor. However, it is best if you attach them to bottle first so your customers aren’t holding them in their bare hands. Additionally, I suggest using the LED versions so you can eliminate any risk of injury. It may seem like a really cool idea, but the risk of injury is far too great for a place of business.

How Many Should You Buy?

Once you’ve decided on a type and how you plan to use them, you need to figure out how many to purchase. Obviously, you will get a better price if you purchase in a large quantity. However, you don’t need too many cluttering up your stockroom or dry rotting on the shelf. Here are a few things that will help you determine the correct amount to order as part of my bottle sparkler buyer’s guide.

How Many VIP Packages Do You Sell?

The easiest way to calculate how many you should purchase is by tallying the number of VIP packages you sell each weekend. However, if you haven’t been using sparklers in the past, factor in a slight uptick in sales before purchasing. Next, you need to decide how large of a supply to keep on hand. I suggest at least a 2 month supply, but anything over a 6 month supply is too much. By finding the “sweet spot” between those two numbers, you can get a great price without buying a ton up front.

Are You Planning to Use Them for Other Activities?

Image of Sparklers for a Dessert Being LitAfter calculating your bottle service usage, consider what other activities they will be used for. If you decide to use them for birthday or special cocktails, you’ll need to add more to your order. It’s always better to have more than you need than to run out unexpectedly!

How to Store Them Properly

Assuming you have a supply on hand, storing them properly will maximize their shelf life. Obviously, it’s important to manage your entire bar inventory correctly; but it’s particularly important with sparklers.

First, you need to make sure they are kept in a cool, dry place. Moisture and fireworks are arch-enemies, so avoid mixing the two at all costs. Next, you want to keep them away from open flames of any sort, as well as combustible fluids such as gasoline or motor oil. If you keep them away from moisture and contaminants, they can last in your stockroom for several years.

Where to Buy Bottle Sparklers

Lastly, it’s important to purchase from a reputable company to ensure that you get what you’re paying for. Sadly, there are far too many companies out there repacking low-grade products for big profits. However, you can easily research the most popular retailers so you can choose the best source for your business. I strongly suggest a company specializing in bottle sparklers since they will have the highest quality products.

Hopefully, this bottle sparkler buyer’s guide has been useful and informative. It’s always my aim to educate our customers as much as possible before their purchase, and this article is a collection of my most useful knowledge. If you have any questions I forgot to touch on, please feel free to contact us. We are always eager to help, and we are looking forward to helping you boost the profits at your nightclub!