Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to gather with friends and family around the dinner table. It conjures up thoughts of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie; as well being thankful and watching football. So, using bottle sparklers on Thanksgiving may seem a little strange on the surface. However, there are some really cool ways that they can “beef up” turkey day and make it more exciting. Additionally, there are some key sparkler safety tips that you need to follow since you’ll be hanging out inside. Here’s what you need to know.

Fun Ways to Use Bottle Sparklers on Thanksgiving

Since food is the main theme of this holiday, it shouldn’t be surprising that most of the ideas are food-based. However, there are a few twists in there, too. Here are some of my favorite ideas on how to use bottle sparklers on Thanksgiving in creative ways. Below each idea, there will also be a small safety tip. Please read them and follow them carefully to stay safe!

Decorate the Turkey

One fun idea is to add some unorthodox decorations to your delicious turkey. Your friends and family will be stunned when you enter the dining room with your sparkling bird! Fortunately, traditional bottle service sparklers come with an anchor attached to pierce into the meat. Make sure to have a helper so you can get it sparkling and bring it to the table.

Safety Tip: Make sure the sparklers are completely vertical to avoid having them falling out during transport. Meat isn’t very sticky; especially if it’s extremely juicy and delicious. The last thing you want is for them to fall onto your carpet or hardwood!

Create a Sparkling Pumpkin Pie

Adding them to your favorite dessert is another fun option. As I mentioned, they come with a small anchor attached at the base. That makes it easy to stick it into a cake or your famous pumpkin pie recipe! The spike is food-grade, and the sparks contain do toxic chemicals. You can easily decorate your pie and serve it to your guests without any worries.

Safety Tip: Don’t set your special dessert on the table until the show is finished. It you absolutely MUST set it down, keep everyone at a safe distance. The show is pretty spectacular, but you need to give it room to do it safely.

Take Turns Saying “Thank You”

Giving “thanks” is at the very core of this holiday. So, many families like to take turns having each person say exactly what they’re thankful for. In the past, people have used items like candles as a “talking stick”. However, you can do using bottle sparklers on Thanksgiving can work the same way! Each person will light their sparkler and list things off. It’s a fun twist on an old tradition that your guests will love!

Safety Tip: Make sure to anchor each one carefully and never hold them in your hands. I have used clay or putty in the past with excellent results. The main key is that you keep everyone at a safe distance!

Offer Bottle Service to your Guests

Image of Bottle Sparklers Being Used IndoorsThere’s another, much more obvious, option on the table; and that’s using them exactly as intended! Using sparklers on Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be an elaborately planned event; you can just offer bottle service right at home to your friends and family. Just attach one to each bottle of wine or whatever your preference happens to be. Your guests will love it, and they will probably copy your idea at an upcoming party at their house.

Safety Tip: Make sure you always attach them to the bottle properly before you light them. It’s always safest to have your sparkler in place before your try to light the tip.

Celebrate a Football Win

Another favorite pastime on turkey day is to watch NFL football. There are usually at least two games on TV; one with the Dallas Cowboys and the other with the Detroit Lions. If you’re lucky enough to have your favorite team playing on this holiday, you can always find exciting ways to celebrate the big win! Whether you choose the bottle service route or have special cupcakes, there’s no wrong choice. And, if your team happens to lose, the shiny sparkles can dull the pain of defeat.

Safety Tip: A lot of people like to have a beer or cocktail during football games; especially on holidays. Remember, alcohol and sparklers don’t mix! Only use them when you are sober and can make responsible decisions; no matter how well your team performed.

General Safety When Using Bottle Sparklers Indoors

Now that I’ve covered the most common ways to use bottle sparklers on Thanksgiving and their safety caveats, I want to take a moment to cover some other general topics on the matter. Staying safe on the holidays is incredibly important, so these will help. I’ve geared these towards indoor use since that’s what most people will be doing. Please take your wellness seriously and follow these guidelines.

Always Use a Clip

First off, it’s extremely important to use a real sparkler safety clip to secure them to your bottles. You can choose the single, double, or triple version; they are all just as safe. However, items like tape, zip ties, etc are completely off limits. No matter how creative you think you are, using the wrong safety apparatus will lead to serious risks.

Give Yourself Ample Space

Lighting fireworks inside your house is always a risky endeavor. However, if you have ample space, you can easily do it safely. Make sure there’s nothing above the “performance zone”, and make sure you there aren’t any obstacles along your delivery path. You should anticipate the sparks going at least a few two feet into the air, so you’ll want three feet at least to be extra safe. I suggest testing one outside ahead of time so you know exactly what is going to happen.

Secure Them Before Lighting Them

Lastly, you need to make sure that your bottle sparklers are very secure in their clips before you start lighting them. Never hold them in your hand to light them and then place them in the clips. This is an extremely bad idea, and can easily lead to panic or injury. Additionally, make sure you use a lighter that can ignite them quickly. I suggest a special bottle sparkler torch lighter that will light them up instantly and cool off just as quick.

Whether or not you decide to try them out, using bottle sparklers on Thanksgiving has many merits. Their versatile design allows you to decorate turkeys, pies, cakes, or bottles. Additionally, they can even become part of your football celebration. I hope I inspired you to think outside the box, and I wish you many holiday blessings!