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Our “value line” color LED bottle sparklers are our most budget-friendly option for bar and nightclub owners. Featuring 4 colorful lighting modes, they are a great alternative to regular bottle sparklers.


Our “value line” color LED bottle sparklers are the perfect way to enhance your bottle service on a budget. Though they aren’t as high quality as our premium LED bottle sparklers, they do offer multi-colored LEDs with your choice of 4 different lighting modes (see the video). Color LED bottle sparklers are a great option for bars and nightclubs that can’t use our gold bottle sparklers because of fire code restrictions or for those who simply don’t like the idea of having an open flame in their busy nightclub.

Best of all, since they are completely reusable, you can save a lot of money over the long term by using battery-operated versions versus traditional ones. All of our LED bottle sparklers are compatible with our sparkler safety clips, so you can still attach them to your bottle safely.

*This video is meant as an example only. The actual effects may vary slightly from this video.

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Single (1 Sparkler), 3 Pack (3 Sparklers), 6 Pack (6 Sparklers), 12 Pack (12 Sparklers)

5 reviews for Color LED Bottle Sparklers – Value Line

  1. Charlie

    Don’t expect a super durable product, because these are definitely and economy item. But that’s why I ordered them and that’s how they are advertised. Overall, these have exceeded my expectations and I will order them again when this batch fizzles out.

  2. Craig

    Very cool colors and effects. Not built for long term use, though.

  3. Sandy Wilks

    Cheapest price for LED bottle sparklers on the internet. I have a small club, and we only use them once in awhile. These are perfect.

  4. Craig

    Exactly what you’d expect with a name like “value” in the title. But they do the job and look great with all the color LEDs.

  5. Charlie

    Better quality than expected, still works perfect after 2 weekends of use.

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