Christmas is the ultimate holiday for cherishing family and celebrating togetherness. Traditionally, people gather around the tree to open presents and sip eggnog. Though these are classic activities that should always be observed, there are also ways to use bottle sparklers at Christmas to make it even better.

Likely, you haven’t heard much about sparklers in relation to Christmas because it’s a relatively new concept. Generally, they are reserved for the 4th of July, weddings, and VIP service at nightclubs. Occasionally, you’ll hear stories about people using bottle sparklers at Thanksgiving, too. However, using them on December 25th is almost completely unheard of. To introduce the concept, I’ve put together this guide to cover all the details. Here’s what you need to know.

Most Popular Ways to Use Bottle Sparklers at Christmas

Since its uncharted territory, there isn’t much info on the internet about using them for this holiday. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great ideas hiding out there! You can easily use some creativity to adapt traditional activities to fit the mood of the season. To help, here are my personal favorite ideas that will fill your family with jolly cheer.

Use Them During Your Prayer or Toast

Most families say a prayer or present a toast prior to their big feast. This can be a great time to use bottle sparklers at Christmas! Simply light one in the center of the table to create a cool effect during while you’re speaking. It will add a lot of drama, and it will demand the attention of everyone at the table.

Put Them in the Christmas Stockings

Another fun idea is to add them to the stockings as a fun little surprise. It will be a well-received treat for everyone and you won’t hear a single complaint. Additionally, most people put sparklers in Christmas stockings for a specific purpose. For instance, perhaps there is an upcoming holiday or wedding. Or, maybe you just want to go outside and use them that day. No matter the reasons, they will always be adored on Christmas morning. Just be sure not to hang them too close to the fireplace!

Light One for Jesus

At weddings, many people light a candle in remembrance of a lost loved one. Since it is Jesus’ birthday, he deserves something even more dazzling. For instance, you could light a bottle sparkler in the center of the table and observe a moment of silence during its performance. In fact, some people go as far as to use a sparkler as the Christmas Star for their nativity scene. Either way, it can be a cool addition to your celebration.

Decorate your Favorite Christmas Dessert

Image of Lit Sparklers in a Christmas PieOf course, you don’t have to get all fancy just because it’s a holiday; you can always just stick one into the top of your favorite Christmas dessert! People have been using them in cakes, pies, and other treats for a very long time. So, why not use bottle sparklers at Christmas in this fashion?

Create a “Club” Feel for Cocktail Hour

Lastly, you can never forget using them as they were intended to be used. Many people have a social hour after their holiday feast. However, not as many people think to create a high-end nightclub feel. Of course, you’ll need to offer a home version of bottle service and decorate them with sparklers. Though it’s cold outside, you can easily heat things up with a little help from these items.

Should I Use a Certain Type of Bottle Sparklers at Christmas?

Typically, most people settle on using the traditional version of our products on this holiday. Overall, they are much easier to come by and use. However, the other versions can make a strong case if the circumstances are just right. Here is a breakdown of the differences between using LED versions or traditional gold bottle sparklers.

Enjoying Traditional Bottle Sparklers at Christmas

Though I call it “traditional”, they are actually anything but that! No matter how many new products emerge, nothing will ever take the place of this classic item. They perform for the perfect amount of time for a celebration such as Christmas; clocking in at around 45 seconds of sparkles. Furthermore, their unique chemistry doesn’t create any unwanted smoke or fumes so they can be used safely indoors. Overall, if you want something reliable and effective, this is your only reasonable choice.

Going with the LED Option Instead

Color LED Bottle Sparklers imageLEDs also have a place if certain conditions are met first. However, they are honestly not going to be as magical or beautiful as the real deal. Conversely, there are several advantages that they present including being the eco-friendly option. Additionally, they can be used as Christmas lights to provide color in areas of your home that otherwise would be forgotten. Lastly, their reusable design ensures that you’ll get several holidays out of them before they need to be replaced.

Safety Needs to Be the Priority

This is the season of being with loved ones; and that means safety is even more important! Nobody wants to have problems on the holidays, especially something serious like a fire or injury. All of our products are considered “safe” to use indoors. However, having any open flame indoors presents a certain level of risk. If at all possible, please use your items outdoors, unless you’ve selected LED sparklers, of course. Lastly, make sure you have all the right safety equipment at home and follow all basic safety guidelines. If you use your common sense, you can have a fun and safe Christmas sparkler experience.

Should Bottle Sparklers Be Part of My New Family Tradition?

In the end, only your family can decide what is best for them. For certain families, all it takes is using bottle sparklers at Christmas one time and they are hooked forever. Conversely, some families may need to try a few variations before they find something they all enjoy. Luckily, there are several different options out there so you’ll have some ideas to try. Have a great Christmas, and I hope all of your holiday dreams come true!