Americans embrace many traditions on Thanksgiving. After all, it is the second most American holiday after Independence Day! Watching football, eating turkey, and pumpkin pie all come as second nature on this family holiday. However, one new concept that is making waves is sparklers at your holiday celebration. But how in the world would that even work? To help, here are some ways to use bottle sparklers at Thanksgiving to enhance the celebration.

Most Popular Ideas

Though there are several ideas out there on how to use them, there are a few ideas that really stand out. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get creative! The only limitation when using bottle sparklers at Thanksgiving is your own imagination. Nevertheless, here are the most popular ideas to help you celebrate the season properly.

Propose a Toast Using Bottle Sparklers

Image of Proposing a Thanksgiving Toast Using Bottle SparklersOne of the most common things to do is attach bottle sparklers to champagne bottles, so that is an obvious place to start. Many families make a toast before the meal; and occasionally it is accompanied by a prayer. A fun concept is to present the champagne bottle to your guests adorned by sparklers in the midst of their performance! Instead of just popping the cork, your grand entrance will be unforgettable. It’s sure to become a new beloved tradition in your household!

Use Them as a “Talking Stick”

Another common tradition is for each person at the table to say what they are thankful for this year. A fun twist is to place a bottle sparkler in front of each person to light when they speak. It can be a fun take on the Native American tradition a “talking stick”.  You can choose to light them either before or after the statement, it’s completely up to you. Whatever you choose, it has all the makings of a fun new family tradition!

Decorate Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert

Another fun feature that you can cease upon while using bottle sparklers at Thanksgiving is their little red spike. In reality, it is a food-safe anchor for placing them in a cake, pie or other dessert! The same as you would place them on a bottle you can place them in your favorite dessert. Whether it’s pumpkin pie or something more unusual, it’s a great way to enhance your holiday presentation.

Do One as Each Person or Family Departs

Another fun tradition that some families have adopted is to use them as a departure commemoration. As one final act of love with your friends and family, you can light a bottle sparkler to enjoy as they leave for their home. Being thankful for family is a time-honored tradition, and this can be a great way to let it shine on into the next generation of families.

Create a “Nightclub” Feel for the After Party

Lastly, who could forget using them for the very purpose they were created? Many people have an “after party” for the adults who want to stay up a bit late and socialize. Why not bring the nightclub atmosphere to your living room? Small touches like bottle sparklers can make the presentation of your cocktails or other libations much more appealing. After all, it’s always the little things that your guests remember the most, right?

Should I Use a Certain Type of Bottle Sparklers at Thanksgiving?

Overall, the type of bottle sparkler that you choose is really up to you. The traditional style is able to be used indoors safely, and the LED version provides versatility, reusability, and a completely combustion-free experience. Here is a breakdown between the two options.

Using Traditional Bottle Sparklers at Thanksgiving

There are several versions available on the market, but nothing will ever replace the original gold bottle service sparkler. They last around 45 seconds which is perfect for a holiday setting such as Thanksgiving. Additionally, the gold sparks won’t create any smoke so they can be safely used indoors. If you want a surefire success, there is simply no alternative to the original.

Choosing an LED Option for Your Celebration

Image of LED Sparklers in ActionOptionally, you can opt for our LED sparklers instead of the traditional version. First, they are a great choice for people who are more eco-conscious. Second, they can be reused for other holidays or events; so ultimately they are the better value as far as price. However, they have a much higher upfront cost, and they won’t give you the same “awe” factor. However, when you balance everything out, they are actually the superior choice for many families; especially if you are planning to create a new family tradition. Each year, they will be there to provide the same experience in a reliable way.

Remember to Be Safe

Safety is always paramount when using sparklers and you will be in a room with all of your loved ones. Though they are safe for indoor use, it is still wise to crack a window before getting things going. Additionally, make sure to have the proper emergency equipment nearby such as water and fire extinguishers. Lastly, be sure to follow all the standard bottle sparkler safety protocols as well. By following all the guidelines, you can have a great experience with our products at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Is Using Bottle Sparklers at Thanksgiving Right for My Family?

Some families immediately take to using bottle sparklers at Thanksgiving while others are not impressed. At the end of the day, only you and your family can decide what is right for you. However, sparklers can enhance almost any part of an otherwise ordinary event, so it can be entertaining to take advantage. Hopefully you find a method that works for your family. However, more importantly, we wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!