Federal restrictions have finally been lifted, and a new company can sell on the open market. So, the next trend in booze could be powdered alcohol. It may seem far-fetched to some and well-overdo to others; a company named Palcohol is pushing the barriers on what used to be a liquid only industry. And, the implications are reaching further than just lowering beverage costs and riding a trend; there is real potential here.

The Basics

The concept is really quite simple on paper; just add the powder to and liquid and it instantly becomes an alcoholic beverage. You could easily conceive of applications such as turning your favorite flavor of soda into an alcoholic beverage without changing the flavor too much. Or, add it to your next batch of cookie dough or cake mix to create a delicious edible cocktail. As a bonus, it also gives you a very nice buzz. Whatever you’re thinking about doing with the powder, it’s pretty obvious that it would open new doors that have never been even cracked before. Here are a few key selling points about Palcohol for use in the food and beverage industry.

The Many Uses of Powdered Alcohol

  • Since alcohol is very heavy, it can offer campers, hikers, and other adventurers an opportunity to enjoy an alcoholic beverage without adding several pounds to their baggage. It will also eliminate a lot of “spring cleaning” at bars.
  • For people traveling via airplane, they can take along their favorite beverage without needing to worry about laws and regulation regarding the amount of liquid you can take onboard. Available in re-sealable pouches, Palcohol weighs a very small fraction of what a full bottle of liquid alcohol products weigh. Additionally, it has much lighter and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Not only passengers would benefit from powdered alcohol on planes, but the airline companies themselves would benefit greatly as well. Instead of offering only a few types of beverages onboard due to weight restrictions, powdered alcohol would allow for a vast selection of options which would increase sales. Conversely, an airline could offer the same selection of drinks yet lower their overall weight to save on fuel costs. Lastly, alcohol often makes up a large percentage of the cargo a plane is carrying when traveling to places like Hawaii or other island destinations. By carrying powdered alcohol instead of liquid bottles, the airline can save millions of dollars on fuel throughout the year.

Beyond the Booze

However, Palcohol markets itself as much more than just a new way to get consumers intoxicated. They are very proud to boast all the other industrial and commercial applications that would love to benefit from the advances that it has to offer. Here are a few of them to get your brain churning.

  • It can be a life-saving solution for medical facilities located in remote locations that can only have a certain amount of weight for each delivery. Making antiseptics and hand sanitizers from powder would allow them to receive more life-saving items and equipment.
  • Powdered alcohol has many great applications in the industrial realm ranging from livestock supplements to windshield wiper fluid. By lowering the cost of their product and shipping, they can make their products much less expensive to the end user.
  • There are many potential energy applications for powdered alcohol. These included fuel for camping stoves to emergency fuel source pouches for vehicles that can run on alcohol. Even the military has weighed in expressing interest due to its light weight for vehicle transport. Amazingly, it can easily be carried by soldiers in their backpack.

What We’ve Learned About Powdered Alcohol

As you can see, there are several practical applications for powdered alcohol. Additionally, it offers many advantages to the consumer market. It may revolutionize the market the way vaporized alcohol did. It is unclear if or when the federal alcohol agency will approve Palcohol. However, most indicators lead to them just needing further testing done to ensure its safe. One thing is for certain, though, the world of alcohol will never be the same when a thimble full of powder can become an entire glass of your favorite drink.