Sparklers are a big part of life in almost every state in the country. However, bars and nightclubs have a particular interest in them since they can bolster larger profits. Typically, the hardest type to find is gold bottle sparklers because they are considered a “specialty item”. Sure, you can easily find traditional versions at a wide variety of shops or stores. However, versions made for bottles are not popular enough among average consumers to be stocked at most locations. So what can you do if you want to know where to buy bottle sparklers in Arizona? Are there any good options at all? Keep reading below and I’ll explain everything that you need to know.

Are Bottle Sparklers Legal in Arizona?

Image of Bottle Sparklers at an Arizona NightclubBefore you start searching for purchasing options, it’s important to understand the legalities at play. The first step you should take is to familiarize yourself with the Arizona fireworks laws that are already on the books. This will be a huge help in avoiding any undesired ramifications. Since most types of fireworks are not legal in the state, a lot of club owners steer clear of using bottle sparklers at their establishment. However, they are considered “novelties” under the federal regulations and are not governed as an actual firework! That means ALL sparklers are legal to buy and use in the state, and you don’t have to worry about the police having any issues whatsoever. Nevertheless, you should always ask your local government officials first to be on the safe side.

Are Nightclubs Allowed to Use Bottle Sparklers in Arizona?

Since they are allowed by state law, local jurisdictions will not have an issue with venues using bottle sparklers indoors. However, this isn’t true in every city. For instance, you may be able to use them in your bar in Phoenix, but Mesa may have a different set of rules. Additionally, your business insurance may be voided if you use flammable items indoors. Though most clubs won’t need to jump through any hoops, it’s still good to look over every implication before finding where to buy bottle sparklers in Arizona.

Bottle Sparkler Tip #2: Get a Good Quality Torch

Having the right type of sparklers is only part of the equation; you need a reliable way to get them lit. When you are offering bottle service in a crowded venue, it can make it easier for accidents to happen. Additionally, “retail” quality lighters that you get at the gas station simply aren’t going to cut it; they just don’t create a hot enough flame to light them quickly. Instead, consider investing in an actual bottle sparkler torch to eliminate headaches. Not only are they the fastest option, they also offer vital safety features to protect your customers; and yourself from potentially expensive litigation!

Most Popular Products in the State

Finding a Local Store in Arizona that Sells Bottle Sparklers

Once you’ve determined whether or not you can have them in your club, you need to figure out a place to get them. For most business owners, the best option is to find a place to buy bottle sparklers locally instead of dealing with receiving a shipment. However, as I mentioned before, not very many fireworks stores carry this type of specialty product. If you swing by and talk to them, they can usually do a special order to get them sent in for you. Additionally, you can try a restaurant supply shop to see if you can get lucky. Unfortunately, though, you usually have to find another source for your supplies instead of a local retailer.

Other Buying Options if They Aren’t Available Nearby

The good news here is that not everything is “gloom and doom” when searching for where to buy bottle sparklers in Arizona. Since they are legal in the state and considered a “novelty” item, you can easily have them shipped to your bar or nightclub in a timely fashion. Of course, you need to choose a reliable online supplier (like us) to ensure you’re spending your money wisely. I suggest taking the time to vet the company through online reviews and pick up the phone to talk to a customer service rep. Not only will this add confidence to your purchase, but sometimes you can get a better deal; especially if you plan on ordering a larger quantity.

Overall, deciding on where to buy bottle sparklers in Arizona will be a combination of availability nearby and your willingness to research to options. Each state has a completely different landscape when it comes to availability, so you‘ll need to do some legwork. The easiest choice is to just order them online, but sometimes you get luck and have a regional supplier. However, before you go too far down the rabbit hole, make sure you talk to the Arizona state government. Otherwise, you may be making a purchase that you’ll never end up using. Good luck and thanks for reading!