There are plenty of cities in Arkansas where the nightlife scene is alive and well. Whether you are in Little Rock, Fort Smith, or Fayetteville, there are bars and nightclubs that provide excellent experiences. One of the hallmarks of a great venue is offering bottle service that doesn’t seem desperate. Often times they choose to decorate them with sparklers. However, finding where to buy bottle sparklers in Arkansas can be a difficult feat; even though they should be for sale all year long. If you find yourself coming up empty while looking at local shops, you’re not alone. But what are you other options? Is there any way to resupply without bending over backwards? Fortunately, I’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the situation. Here’s what you need to know.

Is it Legal to Use Bottle Sparklers in Arkansas?

Image of Bottle Sparklers at an Arkansas NightclubThe first thing you need to understand before you start your search is that Arkansas has very loose fireworks laws. Not only can you buy most varieties of consumer-class items, but you only need to be 16 to do so. Beyond that, there are no restrictions to when or where they are sold as long as you’ve been approved by your local fire marshal. So, if you can’t find a local supplier, it has nothing to do with laws. Most likely, you are buying during the off-season and you are looking for something that isn’t popular enough to justify carrying on their shelves. Nevertheless, rest assured that bottle sparklers are completely legal to use in the state of Arkansas. *Laws change rapidly; always check with your local Arkansas government officials before using our products.

Can You Use Bottle Sparklers in Nightclubs in Arkansas?

One of the trickier aspects of using our products at your establishment is the fire codes and safety requirements. Depending on your capacity, location, and safety installations at your bar or nightclub, the fire marshal may or may not approve their use. If you have an outdoor are like a patio, you can almost always get it approved. However, if you plan to use them indoors, you need to go through the steps and have the inspector sign off. If you want to get approved, make sure you have proper table spacing, a sprinkler system, and clearly labeled exits. If you nail those things, you can usually use bottle sparkler legally without any concerns.

Bottle Sparkler Tip #3: LED Sparklers Can Save You Money

Most people prefer to use traditional bottle sparklers that shoot sparks as you deliver the purchase to the VIP table. However, if you can’t use real ones or prefer to save money, LED versions are available to save the day. Instead of a disposable product, you get something you can use multiple times; at worst you’ll have to change the batteries in your LED bottle sparklers. If you sell a lot of VIP packages, LED versions may pay for themselves or the long haul.

Most Popular Products in the State

Finding a Local Store in Arkansas to Buy Bottle Sparklers

When you operate a bar or nightclub, it can be very convenient to have local supplies for your products. Obviously, things like liquor and food items come from a nearby place. However, even your napkins are likely shipped several hundred miles before arriving in your shipments. Before trying to find where to buy bottle sparklers in Arkansas, you should consider the places that may actually carry them.

During the summer months, you might get lucky finding them at a fireworks retailer. Sadly, as fall and winter approach, these outlets become scare or impossible to find. Additionally, bottle sparklers are a specialty product and not commonly found on store shelves. In major cities in Arkansas, you might have some luck; but more rural areas will be left in the cold. Luckily, people looking for bottle sparklers in Arkansas can always order online without delays or issues. No more hours searching; just a few clicks and they show up as ordered. Best of all it’s all completely legal and meets federal and state guidelines. Though sourcing locally has benefits, it’s much easier to get them shipped from an online retailer.

Other Options if You Can’t Find Where to Buy Bottle Sparklers in Arkansas

As I mentioned, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a supplier in your area. If you are lucky, your bar supply provider might have them and include them in your delivery. However, this is not typically the case and you’ll need to look elsewhere. At the end of the day, choosing a reputable online supplier is the best chance you have at getting reliable deliveries that uphold the quality, price, and value requirements a prudent businessperson should adhere to.

After considering all these factors, people looking for where to buy bottle sparklers in Arkansas need only to look online. You should obviously take a peek locally to support your community first. However, their availability is likely limited; even in the major cities throughout Arkansas. Luckily, we are here with several types of bottle sparklers to cater to whatever need you have. Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have any more questions.