It seems like everything you buy these days requires some sort of accessory to go with it. For toys, you need to buy batteries. For ice cream, you need chocolate syrup and other toppings. When it comes to having bottle sparklers at your club, it’s really no different. Obviously, you need a way to light them; but that process is pretty straight-forward. What’s actually important is buying the right safety clips to securely attach them to your bottles. However, many nightclub owners wonder “which sparkler clips should I buy?” To help you sort through the myriad options available, I thought I should put together this handy guide. Here’s what you need to know.

The Different Types of Sparkler Clips that are Available

Overall, there are three different types of sparkler clips that are available for sale. They all are made in the same way; they simply accommodate a different number of sparklers. Here is a quick breakdown of each size to give you a better understanding of your options before you make your decision.


By and large, the vast majority of what you’ll find is the standard single sparkler safety clips. They are inexpensive, reusable, and will safely hold a single bottle sparkler to any bottle. While they are the most limited in versatility, they do the exact job you ant perfectly every single time. Best of all, they are usually the easiest to find when you are doing your shopping.


For people who want a little better show and more options, you should consider trying out our double sparkler safety clips at your venue. Obviously, as the name suggests, they can hold up to two devices at once. However, you can also just use one at a time and leave the second slot vacant. This adds a little more versatility, but the price doesn’t shoot up to astronomical heights. Also, if one of the slots is damaged, you can still use it as a single clip. If you are budget-minded but want more options, these are possibly the right fit for your needs.


If you want the biggest, baddest, and most versatile option available, then our triple sparkler safety clips are really your only choice. Though they are twice the price of a single clip, they offer a slew of features that no other version does. As the name implies, you are able to use three sparklers at once if you so choose. Three at once will create the biggest and most spectacular display for your bottle service packages, and most large venues go this route to set themselves apart. However, you can still use only one or two devices at a time if you prefer; and the three slots will ensure they are useful even in the event of a damaged slot. Even if you aren’t planning to use three at once, it’s nice to give yourself the versatility in case you change your mind.

Which Sparkler Clips Should I Buy for a Home Party?

Image of a Sparkler Safety ClipIf you are planning to use your bottle sparklers during a party at your house, I usually steer people towards the single clips. Unfortunately, coordinating multiple devices can be much more challenging than you’d think. First, you have to clip them into each slot, and then you have to light them extremely quickly to preserve the performance. After the display, you also need to dispose of them properly. Bartenders who use them everyday have a lot of experience in this area; but that’s simply not true for the average Joe having a house party. I always implore people to people to keep things simple asking themselves which sparkler clips I should buy.

Which Sparkler Clips Should I Buy for my Bar or Nightclub?

Bars and nightclubs have a completely different set of criteria to consider than the average home user. Ultimately, it really boils down to what you want to achieve and how busy your venue will be in reality. Some large nightclubs host upwards of 2000 people each night. With that much demand, choosing something larger than a single clip can set you up for a huge labor headache. Conversely, an average sized club with a more reasonable number of patrons can opt for using the triple clips in their full glory.

Overall, I always suggest choosing the double or triple clips so you have all the options at your disposal. Just remember that you aren’t obligated to fill every slot, it’s just nice to have the option if you so choose.

How Many Do I Need to Get?

If you are using them at home, you really only need to have a few on hand to make things work. However, bars and nightclubs will need to have several on hand at any given time. I always suggest buying 20% more clips than you think you’ll need in case you get really busy or a few of them break. Even though you can reuse sparkler safety clips several times before they break, it’s always good to have a backup. Additionally, choosing triples over singles won’t help this conundrum; you’ll still need a clip for each VIP package you sell.

Hopefully, this guide has helped to answer which sparkler clips should I buy. In the end, it’s really a choice that only you can settle on based on your venue capacity and how you plan to use them. However, armed with this detailed information, you should no longer be “flying blind” on the subject. With some careful consideration and critical thinking, you should arrive at the option that works best for your scenario. Good luck!