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Many bars and nightclubs prefer to buy bottle sparklers wholesale to save money. We’ve put together a great selection of club packages that include both our gold bottle sparklers and our safety clips to give you everything you need. For repeat customers, you can order kits without the clips, too.


We offer three distinct options for bars and nightclubs of any size to buy bottle sparklers wholesale. Each package includes both gold bottle sparklers and safety clips so you have everything you need. Package #1 includes 500 sparklers and up to 50 of our reusable safety clips. This is perfect for smaller bars, clubs, and restaurants. Package #2 includes 1000 sparklers and up to 100 of our reusable sparkler clips. This offers great savings for nightclubs that go through a lot of them. Package #3 includes 2000 sparklers and up to 200 clips. Each package is available without clips too for repeat customers. It is the best overall price available for clubs that use 3 at a time or have multiple locations. By choosing the correct option, you can save a lot versus paying regular retail prices.

*Sparkler wrapping may vary based upon availability.

Why Buy Bottle Sparklers Wholesale?

Simply put, buying wholesale bottle sparklers will save you a lot of money. Because you’re buying in bulk, we offer you the best possible discount. Additionally, it will ensure you’re always stocked up when you sell VIP services at your venue. You stock up on napkins and straws, why not stock up on bottle sparklers too? Here are a few reasons to consider keeping a healthy stock in your storeroom.

Quantity Equals Discounts

As stated, ordering in bulk means we can give you a huge discount. Though smaller clubs may not need 500 on hand, larger clubs can easily use that many in a single month. If you go through at least 500 in a three month period, bulk ordering is a very good idea.

Never Run Out of Bottle Sparklers

One of the worst things you can have happen is to run out of supplies when someone orders bottle service. After all, the idea here is to use them to increase sales; not stifle them! Buying bottle sparklers wholesale can eliminate this problem. By keeping a healthy amount on hand, this can be avoided. Best of all, they only require a small footprint to store. That means you can have a lot of them on hand without eating up too much self space.

Expand into Weddings and Parties

One under-leveraged area of bar and nightclub business is the party and wedding market. Weddings can bring in several thousand extra revenue dollars per year. Parties can utilize your space to supplement your wedding income. Weddings can easily use 50 or more bottle sparklers in one night. So, buying at wholesale can be a way to increase profits. You’ll also pass those savings onto the ones you use on a daily basis.

Features of Our Packages

Our wholesale packages offer all the same great features as our retails items on a larger scale. Obviously, a smaller price per item comes along with the bulk quantity. Here are the highlights of what each package has to offer.

  • Each package includes a large quantity of our gold bottle sparklers. 500 in package #1, 1000 in package #2, and 2000 in package #3.
  • Our gold bottle sparklers are the most popular and reliable style available.
  • Each package optionally includes a large quantity of safety clips. We supply one safety clip for every 10 sparklers if you choose this option.
  • Our safety clips are completely reusable, so you don’t need to have a new one for each item you buy.

Is Buying Bottle Sparklers Wholesale Right for You?

In order to find our discounts appealing, you need to sell enough VIP service to make it worthwhile. Though we offer two size options, not all bars or nightclubs will benefit. If you only use 100 per year, bulk purchasing probably isn’t right for you. However, most mid-sized bars and nightclub sell plenty of service to take advantage of buying bottle sparklers wholesale.

We Provide Reliable and Consistent Service

Most bars and nightclubs are looking for service they can count on. We ship our products fast so you can have them back in stock as soon as possible. Our wholesale bottle sparkler packages feature the highest quality items around. We back each purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If reliable and consistent service is what you like, look no further than us.

Additional information

Package Size

500 Sparklers (No Clips), 500 Sparklers & 50 Clips, 1000 Sparklers (No Clips), 1000 Sparklers & 100 Clips, 2000 Sparklers (No Clips), 2000 Sparklers & 200 Clips

11 reviews for Club Packages

  1. Lucky Davis

    Huge savings versus buying the sparklers and clips separately. We go through hundreds per month, and this is the cheapest way to get them short of ordering a whole truckload.

  2. Jackie J

    Everything you need for your club to get started with bottle service in one box. Made things really simple to order them this way.

  3. Lawrence

    Cheapest way to get em. Fast shipping too.

  4. Randy Weeks

    This is a HUGE pile of sparklers! These are gonna last me for a few months.

  5. Tad Jones

    Finally a way to save money when buying in bulk but unwilling to buy a whole shipping container from China. Thanks for giving a decent wholesale discount.

  6. Richard J

    Perfect mix of clips and sparklers to resupply my club.

  7. Chuckles

    Buy a pack monthly, repeat. Easy and fast turnaround.

  8. Sherry Watkins

    Perfect ratio of safety clips to sparklers. The clips last for a lot of uses, but they aren’t indestructible. These guys have it down to a science.

  9. Andy

    Perfect mix of sparklers and clips, plus you get a discount.

  10. Carl

    Best prices unless you buy like 50,000 of them.

  11. Edward

    By far the best prices on the internet. Don’t bother with any other brand.

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